norms, security and environment

Wishing to respect the environment, we seek to reduce the impact of our production on the environment and to comply with the European standards at all stages of manufacturing and sales:

Our suppliers meet the European and/or environmental standards: ISO 9001, ISO 13485, ISO 14001.
(EMAS requirements, in force in the European Union), Ecolabels « cleaner production»….

We use new raw materials to reduce the effects some products have on environment and to favour recycling.

Materials are strictly chosen: Epoxy paint, products in compliance with environmental standards in force.

Treatment comply with European standards: lead-free, chrome-free.

Expanded coating – fire resistant and meeting many European standards:

  • NF mobilier de collectivité, mobilier de santé (ref. to furniture for health and community institutions)
  • EN 1021 / ISO 1421 / NFG 37 103
  • ISO 4674 – 2 / NFG 37129 /
  • NF ISO 35 107 / NF ISO 105 B02

The use of recycled materials or the recycling of materials at differents stages (manufacturing – sales – administration for instance).
A continuous check-up of the consumption of chemicals and the waste sorting and recycling.